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"Sebastian was a pleasure to do business with and was very accommodating. I will definitely be reaching out to him in the future when looking for horses for myself and for my clients. He represented the horse we tried and ended up purchasing accurately and helped the whole process move along smoothly."

Stephanie R.
"I am currently training Sebastian's filly here in Argentina. Chestnut Unlimited LLC has been so easy and pleasant to work with. I will always do training for them in the future."

Gustavo T.
"I learned so much from Sebastian right away from just my first few lessons. It's clear he really cares about his students' success. He has been working with my horse and helping so much."

Dawn E.
"Sebastian provided so many great experiences and opportunities for me to learn and grow in the horse world, as well as an experienced eye to ride under. His knowledge of show jumping and training has helped me advance and understand different strategies in my own jumping career."

Rachel B.
"Sebastian has supplied me with a lifetime full of knowledge about horses in only a year. He truly cares about his students and horses. It has been an honor to train under him and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that he has given me."
Taylor Y.
"It's been such an honor to train with Sebastian. I've progressed so much as a rider and have gained so much knowledge from him in such little time. He also found my first training project and helped us grow and succeed 
as a pair."

Kelly F.
"Working with Sebastian has been such a pleasure. He is a very caring person toward both his students and his horses. It is obvious that he loves what he does. Sebastian helped me improve my riding so much. I am immensely grateful for everything he has done."

Olivia D.
"Training with Sebastian is great because I learn new things in every lesson I take. I just got a new pony and she is a little hard to figure out. Sebastian helped me to overcome the tough times and helped me to succeed. Sebastian is great and I am glad to have him as my trainer."

Emily D.
"Sebastian is a very supportive trainer and believes in all of his students. He has found many amazing horses for my friends, and has given me lots of wonderful opportunities. Through his guidance he has allowed me to progress greatly with my riding."

Catherine O.